Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nerd Alert

Alyssa and I went to see a movie this past weekend. We’d been talking about since we saw the preview for this movie a few months ago before watching Oz: The Great and Powerful.

When I saw the release date of the movie we ended up seeing, I mentioned that it was the week after Mother’s Day. Tom assured me that somehow, someway, I’d get to see this movie and someone would go with me.

See, I saw the first movie of this sort on Mother’s Day a few years ago, alone.

Now, don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t actually mind going to the movies by myself. But I will admit that it was way more fun with Alyssa this time.

We saw Star Trek: Into Darkness.

And it was awesome.

Alyssa basically went with me because I asked her to, not necessarily because she actually wanted to see a Star Trek movie.

We saw the movie on Sunday and so Saturday night, I put in my DVD of the first movie in which Chris Pine plays the awesome, amazing Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Alyssa almost stayed awake for the whole thing. Almost.

I was just happy she stayed awake long enough to see Leonard Nimoy’s Spock perform a Vulcan mind-meld on Kirk. So much fun!!

We only had to go to the bathroom twice during the movie on Sunday but get this…Alyssa stayed awake.

Granted, the theater was freezing and she did eat an entire medium popcorn and drink all of a medium Dr. Pepper, so there is that.

But as we left after the movie was over? She admitted to me, “I think I like Star Trek.”

Yes, she made this mother’s nerdy heart so proud with that nerdy little confession.

I’m so excited to have another Star Trek fan in the family.

Don’t tell Tom I told anyone this but he said he’d like to see the movie when it comes out on DVD. Good think, since I had every intention of buying it even before he admitted to that. And I’d have probably popped it in one evening after he’d settled in, knowing he wouldn’t bother to get up and go to the other room.

I just may manage to turn our entire household into fans before all is said and done.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Star Trek fan! I can't wait to see it, my middle child Gabriel is my movie buddy for this one.