Friday, September 13, 2013


That’s the sound of me bouncing up and down with the whim that is life with Olivia.

Last night at gymnastics, after a supremely craptastic day, I found myself fighting tears as I gazed proudly at my girl. She was up there, on the beam, with five other little girls, standing tall but wobbling just a little. Her arms were out and her knees were bent, just a little, she looked terrified and yet determined.

The coach and her teenage daughter who works at her assistant, were on either end of the beam, there to offer a hand or shoulder for the wobblier ones, caught O’s eye and made her way to the center of the beam where Olivia stood. Miss K held out her hand and Olivia smiled at her, putting her own hand just above Miss K’s, not quite touching but within grabbing distance should O suddenly become even wobblier than she was at that moment.

I was so touched by this woman’s intuitive nature. She could see that O wasn’t quite as comfortable as the other girls in the class but rather than say something, she just moved to a place that gave O the comfort she needed. It was awesome and touching and yes, tear-inducing for this mom who’d felt pretty frazzled when the class started.

Another moment that made me sigh with relief was when I saw Olivia respond to Miss K’s daughter, little Miss K, when she was asked a question. Olivia talked to her! She answered her question. Yes, she answered with a whisper but she answered and that, my friends, is communication. We’ll take whatever she’ll give these days.

Last night was a reminder of how hard Olivia really does work. She tries so hard and wants so badly to be just like her peers. Her confidence is growing and it will continue to grow as I continue to give her opportunities to show just how amazing she is. School will get better and easier and then, suddenly, we’ll be dealing with first grade and learning it all over again. And that will be okay too.

I need to remind Olivia, every single day, that I’m there for her, even on the tough days. I am her biggest cheerleader even when I’m her sternest disciplinarian. I’m her biggest fan, the one who wants her to succeed just as much as she wants that for herself.

Together, we’ll get through the tough days and celebrate the good ones.

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