Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This Just In

So if it hurts to poop, it’s a bad thing.

This, I actually already knew, hence the appointment with the doctor yesterday.

But, and this is a Good Mom Moment, the doctor was glad I’d come to discuss O’s bowel movements with him because it should never, ever hurt to poop. Pain during pooping is a bad, bad thing and we need to do what we can to make sure it is never present during a poo session again.

How do we do that?

Fiber. Water. Apple juice. And if that fails? Benefiber, Miralax and good old milk of magnesia. Yikes.

But that last one? The MoM? It’s a last resort to be given if O ever goes three days without needing to sit on her cushy tushy with this week’s volume of Star Magazine.

Alyssa was lucky enough to be in the room while the doctor and I discussed O’s poop habits and she learned way more than she ever wanted to know about the colon, wet poop versus dry poop and tearing of the anal walls.

Olivia was just relieved the doctor didn’t to an actual physical exam. She was really worried he was going to want to look at her butt. This from the girl who asks, “Can I just be naked?” at least five times a week. Though to be fair, we’re always at home and we rarely have company so she’s only ever naked around immediate family.

All this is to say that I’m really glad I made the appointment. He gave us some great tips on how to get more fiber into her diet and he also told us how much of each medicine to give her it we end up needing to go that route. So we’re on the right path and if the path forks, I feel confident that we’ll choose the direction right for Olivia.

With that, I do so hope this is the last time I have reason to discuss poop.

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