Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Projects

Each Friday, I gaze into the coming weekend, planning all that I’m going to accomplish, all that will get done, all the cleaning that will happen, all the playing the girls and I will do and by Sunday evening, I feel good if all the laundry is washed, dried and put away.

Let’s face it, two days are not enough to get it all done.

But I always think it could happen.

This coming weekend, I’m hoping to get the carpets in the living room and family room shampooed. I also hope to clean the tubs (Iron Out is my friend even if it does smell horrible.) The fridge really needs to be cleaned out. Not sorted, no, it needs to be emptied and scrubbed. It’s nasty.

I’d like to take the girls to the park because these lovely fair weather days are numbered. I can almost smell November in the air.

We will make it to the library because that’s what we do on Saturdays. Groceries will be purchased and put away. The family has to eat, don’t you know?

I will lay out the girls’ and my own clothes for the coming week because there is nothing more annoying than standing in front of a closet with a six year old at 6am and arguing over what is weather appropriate. We’ve never done that and I have no intention of starting. No, I lay out clothes for each day and that’s what she wears. No discussion, no arguments, no stress.

I do also hand five outfits a week for Alyssa but she’s a big, bad fifth grader now so she doesn’t actually HAVE to wear what I pick. Since I buy her clothes (mostly, Gram has some input) there actually anything inappropriate in her closet. Weather-wise, she’s pretty averse to being uncomfortable so no argument there. Which…yay!

I would like to get the toy room organized but…that’s a huge project. Definitely not a weekend job. I need to start it, though and each weekend, I think I’ll get in there and tackle just one box. So far? It hasn’t so much happened.

Alas, the weekends go by way too quickly and I never get quite enough done. But if everyone is happy come Sunday evening as we snuggle in and read our books, I call it a successful weekend.

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