Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Not Much

Today, I’ve got nothing. Things are good. School seems to be going okay for the girls. Alyssa loves it and Olivia asked this morning, “When are we going to have a day off?”

She’d been awake for five minutes and wasn’t especially happy about it. And let me remind everyone that today was their first day this week. They had Monday off for “Fair Day” and Tuesday was just a free day off. I know, whatever, right?

So yes, she wants another day off even though she just had four days off. I think she’s still getting used to being at school for the entire day. It’s hard on a little body to take, don’t you know?

Tom declared yesterday that he is never, ever going to preserve grapes in any form again. Never.

We picked twenty gallons of grapes last weekend and Tom’s been dealing with them all week. He’s discovered that the work involved is not equal to the amount of juice produced. He asked me a couple of days ago how much it costs to buy a bottle of grape juice. I laughed and told him, “Not enough to justify all the time you’ve spent on those grapes.”

But hey, live and learn. He’s still all about canning salsa and green beans and even blackberry goo, as he calls it. It’s basically a lumpy syrup he and Olivia enjoy on their ice cream.

Olivia still isn’t eating much of her lunch at school and we’re working on that. Tom wants me to weigh her every day to make sure she isn’t losing weight. I told him once a week will have to do because who wants their six year old to become weight conscious? Not me, that’s who. Right now, she’s holding steady at 46.5 pounds. I keep telling Tom that all we can do is provide the food. She has to eat it.

Wait, I also told him that if he’s that concerned, the school is four miles from our house. She eats lunch at 10:30. He is welcome to go there every day and make her eat. Go for it, dude, is that I told him.

He has not yet taken me up on that. But if O’s weight dips beneath 45? He might just do it. I wouldn’t put it past him. He’s already threatened her with that very idea and Olivia is adamant that, “Daddy is not coming to my school during my lunch to feed me.”

Ha! I’m sorry but the image makes me laugh. She’s so positive she can stop him and he’s so sure he can make her eat if he’s there and I’m all, “Liv, just eat the lunch we provide you and it won’t be an issue.”

We’ll see.

Alyssa thinks the entire situation is funny and reminds me every Wednesday that it’s O’s weigh-in day. She also packs her own lunch this year. Did I mention that?

Yes, she does. Alyssa still refuses to buy lunch at school so, even though I told her way back in second grade that she’d be packing her lunches herself by fourth grade, I managed to get suckered into doing it for her until just this year, when, hey, look at that, I have to pack O’s lunch instead.

Alyssa seems to enjoy packing her own lunch. Though I think she’d enjoy it even more if she actually had a say about what goes in there. We came up with a list of things she has to pack to make sure she’s getting more protein than sugar and more fruits and vegetables than cookies. So yes, she packs the lunch we want her to pack. But who am I to complain? At least the girl eats what she packs, which is more than her sister can say.

Ahem. Yes. Not much going on here at all.

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