Monday, October 21, 2013

Dishing It Out

A few weeks ago I had dish soap on my list of things to by while at the grocery store. I usually buy Dawn dish soap. That day at the store, I saw some less expensive options and went with Great Value orange scented dish soap.

Big mistake. Huge!

It smelled awful. Every single time I put the soap in the dishwater the smell was overwhelming. It was not so much an orange smell as it was the smell of chemicals trying to smell like orange.

Seriously. It was horrible.

And every time I washed dishes, I complained.

In fact, last Friday, as I started washing the dishes, I once again, bitched about the smell of the dish soap. Tom was standing next to me and I said, “I am going to complain about this soap every time I do dishes until it’s gone.”

He replied, “I’m just glad you were the one who bought it instead of me. I’d never hear the end of it if I’d bought it.”

I laughed, “You’re still never going to hear the end of it even though I did buy it.”

The next morning as I was getting the girls ready to head out the door to go grocery shopping Tom grabbed my list and added something to it.

I took it from him and saw that he’d added dish soap to the bottom of my list. I told him, “But we still have over three quarters of a bottle of that disgusting orange soap.”

He said, “Yeah, but dish soap isn’t that expensive. I’ll use that stuff in the garage to wash my hands. Get some of the stuff you can stand to use.”

I bought some trust Dawn bleach alternative and doing dishes has been so much less disgusting.

He really is my hero.


Julie said...

I bought some last week that smells like cough syrup. BLECH!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like something my husband would do for me just to get me to stop complaining, lol