Thursday, October 31, 2013

Selfish Tendencies

I have a tendency to be selfish. I wonder if this is the case with most people. We’re all a little sef-centered if not outright selfish, right? We can’t actually help it, after all, I am the center of my own universe just as you are the center of yours.

So, yes, I can be selfish. Or least, I can be in my own thoughts.

Lately, my brother has needed me to pick up my nephew from their house and transport him to my mother’s home.

Why me? Because I work about two blocks from where my brother lives and I live three miles from where my mother lives. So, yes, I’m going that way.

I have also been asked on numerous occasions to take my nephew to school, since as luck would have it, his school is down the street from the home he shares with my brother, which, obviously, means it’s practically next door to where I work. See, I’m already going that way so…

Why not?

I’ll tell you why my selfish self would rather not. Because my nephew is a talker. He talks and talks and talks the entire 17 miles either from home to Gram’s for from Gram’s to school. He does not stop talking.

And those 17 miles? They are the only time I am actually by myself, with the quiet of my own thoughts or yes, even the radio or a cd (what is this 2003?) that I have each day. When I’m not in the car, I’m either at work surrounded by people who need things from me or I’m at home, also surrounded by people who need things from me.

So yes, my selfish tendencies wish that my brother would figure something else out.

But I don’t ever say that. I just go pick the little talker up, take him where he needs to go and go about my day. Because like I said, I’m going that way.

While I admit to these selfish tendencies, I am happy to say that I don’t usually give in to them. I understand that I’m part of this village and I try to do my part.

Don’t we all?

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