Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Alyssa started a trend at school a couple of years ago when she went mermaid blue for a summer and it the color didn’t fade by the time third grade started.

Since then she’s gone red at the ends and had temporary blue streaks put in for spirit week.

Several friends have followed this trend and have either turquoise ends or red streaks. It’s cool and fun and hey, it’s just hair, right?

But each time we’ve done Alyssa’s hair Tom has been a little surprised by the decision.

Back when I made O’s appointment with the doctor due to the painful pooing, Tom was voiced his frustration that I tend to do things without talking to him. Like, make doctor appointment and dye hair. He wasn’t so much mad as he was wondering why I never thought to just let him in on the decision process.

But look at me! I listen. I learn.

This past weekend, Alyssa and I approached Tom and asked his thoughts on putting purple streaks in Alyssa’s hair.

At first, he asked if they were temporary. They are not. Temporary color tends to leave hair crunchy and well, icky. It also stands out way more than the more permanent colors, which are softer and blend into the other, natural strands.

After some discussion, he agreed that it would be kind of cool, as long as we went with streaks under the top layer. That was the plan all along so everyone was happy.

He then asked if we were going to give Olivia purple streaks too. I hadn’t planned to do so because O’s hair is lighter than A’s and the color would be more obvious. But once the idea had been brought up, there was no getting out of it with Olivia. I just rinsed her hair a lot sooner than we did Alyssa’s.

So yes, my girls are sporting purple streaks in their hair. It’s cute, it’s cool. It blends unless they’re wearing their hair up or back. They think Tom and I are awesome parents.

You win some, you lose some. This time? We won.

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