Monday, December 23, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Last Friday was my last vacation day of the year. I’d saved it specifically for the day of Olivia’s class Christmas party.

I planned to get the girls off to school and come home and wrap, wrap, wrap presents until it was time to go have lunch with Olivia. After lunch, I’d go back home and wrap some more until it was time to go back to the school for the party.

Unfortunately, the morning of the party dawned gray and foggy. So foggy, in fact, that school was delayed two hours. Which meant no wrapping of presents for me. I can’t wrap when two curious girls are peeking around corners and into boxes.

So instead of my best laid plans, I took the girls to school at 9:35, got home at 9:50. Wrapped presents for twenty five minutes and then went back to school in time to have lunch with Liv at 10:30. I was home by 11:10, and wrapped my little fingers off until 12:40, which was when I needed to leave to go back to the party.

The girls and I were home by 3:15 and I generously let Alyssa be on the computer and put Olivia’s favorite My Little Pony movie on the television so I could, hopefully, wrap some more presents.

And…I’m almost done wrapping. Go me!

Yes, it’s great to make plans but sometimes, the fog rolls in, screws your plans up royally and you just have to go with plan B.

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