Tuesday, December 3, 2013

D'Oh! (Or, I'm an Idiot)

Okay, so the first time could be written off as an honest mistake, caused innocently by a friend emailing another friend and me making an assumption and not questioning that assumption.

The second time…it happens. Maybe not often, at least not to people smart enough to check dates before hitting the confirm button.

But the third time...sort of makes it my problem, not something I can blame on other people.

Though in my defense, I swear my sister said, “Saturday, November 22.”

By the way…the 22nd of November was a Friday. But I assumed she misspoke and because I swear I heard, “Saturday.”

So even though I knew Saturday was the 23rd, because I’d scheduled O’s party on that day and when my sister invited us to her house for a Thanksgiving dinner and I heard, “Saturday, November 22nd.” I figured she meant Saturday, November 23rd and told her we’d try to be there after O’s party.

Except, it was actually scheduled for Friday, November 22nd.

And let me ask right here: Who has a Thanksgiving dinner on a Friday the week before Thanksgiving? That is a day most people have to work until at least 3:30 if not 4:30 or 5:00. Seriously?

But yes, I screwed up the date AGAIN. This time I didn’t drive all the way to her house to figure it out, though. I called her on our way back from O’s party to ask for directions to her house. Yes, yes, I don’t actually know where my sister lives, whatever.

And she had to break the news to me that the dinner had been the day before. Ahem.

*Stage whisper* I didn’t really want to go anyway, so this was a great excuse, you know, the excuse of being a day late.

At least this little date mishap didn’t cost me as much as the one in DC did.

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Julie said...

HAHAHA. Oh my goodness!!