Monday, December 9, 2013

Figuring it All Out

I think I’ve figured Olivia out. If I lay her on her bed, sound asleep, and make her stay on her back, forcing her legs straight and not letting her roll onto her side, she will stay asleep all night long, not joining me in my bed before 5:30 the next morning.

I’ve tried this out for the past week and only one night did she come find me before 5:30 and that was the night that Alyssa tugged on O’s blanket, causing Olivia to roll onto her stomach. Olivia was in my bed at 2:30. Ugh.

Did I handle this tugging of the blanket well?

No. No I did not. I had a mini tantrum. I’m not proud of myself. It wasn’t pretty. I stomped my feet and whined, “Now she’s going to wake up!”

I did all this as quietly as I could, while still managing a full-on tantrum.

Alyssa looked at me like I was insane.

I think I kind of was.

I apologized the next morning and she laughed at me. She’s a good one, that girl.

Last night as I lay Olivia down on the bed she shares with Alyssa, O, in her sleep, tried to roll onto her side.

I pushed her back onto her back, saying, “Oh no. No, no, no, no, no.”

Alyssa laughed at me again.

Sleeping O still tried to fight me so I finally picked her back up, all 48 pounds of her, and laid her down again, this time pushing her legs down to keep them straight and keep her from wanting to roll over.

It worked. She didn’t wake up until 5:40, when the alarm went off.

Now that I’ve figured her out, she’s going to change it all up. But for now? I’m enjoying this little reprieve of having my bed all to myself. And I do promise to try not to have a tantrum if Alyssa touches O’s blanket again.

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