Tuesday, April 1, 2014

At the Movies

Alyssa and I went to see Divergent last weekend. It was sort of a last minute attempt to squeeze as much out of spring break as we could, since we basically did nothing last week to commemorate the girls being on spring break.

Wait, we went roller skating on the first Saturday of spring break. Oh yeah, and I primed the coat closet the Sunday after we went roller skating.

And!! I took Monday off work so Tom could go somewhere that day and the girls would have adult supervision.

But yeah, other than that, it wasn’t much of a spring break, since the weather sucked, as usual for this winter.

So off Alyssa and I went to the movie.

But before you feel sorry for Olivia, who stayed home with Tom, they ate cupcakes, watched Frozen, played on her tablet and had a ‘party.’ That is what happened in their own words.

The theater we went to is an older one. Once upon a time, there was only one screen and there was an actual stage in front of the screen. Upon viewing the movie The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, my dad, siblings and I were mooned by some dudes jumping on that very stage.

Alas, in an effort to be more modern and accommodating, the theater put a wall between the seats and created two screens, doing away with the stage altogether.

Alyssa and I like to get to movies early. I, stupidly, always assume that everyone in the tri-state area is going to have the same idea I have on the very same day and fear the movie will sell out. I know. It really is stupid.

So we were there almost a half hour early. Early enough for Alyssa to eat half her popcorn and for us to use the bathroom, which is in the basement of the theater. Worse than being in the basement is that the bathroom was freezing cold. It was at least forty degrees colder down there than it was on the main level. I was surprised my pee didn’t freeze as it exited my body. Gross? Yes. But still a concern while peeing in that freezing bathroom.

Once we were settled back in our seats, Alyssa and I talked. And we laughed. I love making my girl laugh. She’s a funny one but sometimes, I can get her. I kept pointing out how shiny my shoes were. She kept shushing me. This made me want to do it more because she’s cute when she’s embarrassed.

Though I didn’t understand why she was embarrassed. There were all of six other people in there as we waited for the movie to start. I figured we’d beat the rush. I was wrong. By the time the movie started, the theater held about fourteen of us. Nowhere near capacity.

I love that Alyssa is old enough to enjoy these movies with me. I love that she is still willing to be seen in public with me. I love that even though she pretends to be embarrassed by my antics, she laughs and wraps her arm through mine, connecting us, holding tight to that bond we forged eleven years ago when I looked into her eyes at her birth and vowed to love her forever.

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