Wednesday, April 9, 2014

End of the Run

So our run is over.

I’ve been all braggy since October of 2012 when Alyssa went back to school after her tonsillectomy. See, she hadn’t missed a day of school since having her tonsils out. She’d been so disgustingly healthy. I was so proud of my decision to have those offending tonsils removed because obviously they were the culprit in every single illness she’d ever had up to that point.

Right? I mean, duh.

So on Monday I was leaving work with the intention of driving directly to the school to pick Alyssa up from her study group that ended at 5:00.

My phone rang as I got into the car. It was Tom, telling me and he and Olivia and Alyssa were waiting there for me to come home. Alyssa had ridden the bus home because her stomach was hurting and she didn’t feel up to staying for the study group.

Okay. No biggie. I went home, made dinner, which was eaten with gusto by every member of the family.

After homework, baths/showers, books, etc. we went to bed. And through the night, I heard Alyssa get up three times. Weird.

Yesterday morning I asked her if she was okay, that I’d heard her get up several times in the night. She said her stomach still hurt and didn’t get up for school.

We let her stay home and Tom said by lunch time, she was feeling better but that it was good she’d stayed home.

Alas, our run of no missed school days is over. And I can no longer blame the tonsils for anything at all, since they no longer exist.

We had a good run, though.

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