Friday, March 6, 2015

Hello Friday...POST-IT Emergency

Olivia was so excited this morning to wear a new shirt, on that has “Hello Friday” printed on the front. Not only does this girl love new clothes, she also loves Fridays, so this shirt was so awesome at capturing so many things to love.

Alyssa is being picked up by a friend and the friend’s parents for an overnight trip to celebrate Friend’s birthday.

She’s spent the night with several friends so this shouldn’t bother me. But instead of going back to Friend’s house, this family is taking my child to a city where they will ice skate, jump on trampolines, go out to dinner and then stay in a hotel with an indoor pool.

The dad is only going to be around for the ice skating, trampoline jumping and dinner parts of the day. The mom, sister, Friend and Alyssa will be doing the hotel thing sans father.

I know that since I’ve been trusted to take a couple of A’s friends with us to places like Cedar Point for several days at a time I am being hypocritical for worrying about this trip but a mother’s worry can’t be bothered by things like that.

Of course she’ll be fine. She’ll have a fabulous time and I’ll hold my breath until she is dropped sometime Sunday, all in one piece, safe and sound.

We interrupt my sad-cow lamenting over my baaaybeeee going off with virtual strangers (I have not actually met any member of this family, not even Friend, which I think is what bothers me the most about my daughter getting into a vehicle and driving off with them for an overnight trip to a city over an hour away.) to shout to the world that this morning there was a…

POST-IT emergency!!

I know. The horror, the tragedy, the unfairness of it all.

Our office supply closet was OUT. OF. POST-ITS. Someone had taken the last three inch by three inch pad of the self-adhesive papers and not told me about it.

Which means that someone in our office went to get some Post-Its, found there were none and sprinted to where I was working to tell me of this disaster.

I was actually doing something I do every single day, a job that HAS to be done. I told this person that I would be going to a place where Post-Its are sold in a couple of hours and until then he’d have to use scrap paper.

He just blinked at me. “But I need Post-Its and there are none in the closet,” he said.

It occurred to me that I probably had a pad of Post-Its in one of the drawers in my office. I off-handedly mentioned it.

The dude’s eyes lit up and he offered to go get them.

I knew he’d never find them in the mess that is my desk drawers and, well, I don’t like people going through my desk when I’m not there so I sarcastically asked, “Do you want me to stop what I’m doing right this second and go get them for you?”

And get this…he said yes. He was so desperate for those damned Post-Its that he wanted me to stop what I was doing, walk from one end of the building to the other, get him those Post-Its and then I could go about my own work.

I was so disgusted and yet…I wanted him to go away, so I gave in, went and got the flipping Post-Its, refrained from throwing them in his face and went back to work.

On the bright side, dude hasn’t bothered me anymore today.

And when I went out during my lunch? Damned if I didn’t buy every single package of Post-Its that were in stock at Meijer.

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Julie said...

I got called over to a co-workers desk today because they decided they want to have a hot dog lunch day in a couple of weeks to celebrate the beginning of baseball season. I stood there, "blink, blink", not exactly sure why I was there.
"Uhm, we were wondering if you could bring in hot dogs." "Blink? BLINK?" WHAT?? One of them read my reaction correctly and said, "Well, could you bring in the hot pot thingy that keeps things warm?" "Blink, blink? A crock pot?" Sheesh