Friday, March 20, 2015

She Beat Me to It

I was all set on Wednesday night to get home, lie down and rest the entire evening.

See, I’d gone to the doctor that day and was ‘officially sick’. I got to call in all the favors and just sit around, no cooking, no parenting, just resting, getting well, if you will.

Except no. That’s not how the evening was going to play out.

Before I even got to play my trump card of having a prescription of antibiotics and receiving a shot while in the doctor’s office, Tom told me that Olivia had something to tell me.

Olivia was in the living room, wearing a pair of pajamas, settled in the recliner with a blanket and, wait, is that a bucket? Oh dear, it is a bucket.

I went in and kissed her head and asked what was going on.

“I barfed,” she told me cheerfully.

Alas, that would be the last cheerful thing she’d say for the next twelve or so hours. She threw up pretty much every twenty minutes or so for the next few hours, than finally, thankfully, fell asleep.

Instead of getting to settle in and bask in my own sickness, I did three loads of laundry, made dinner for Alyssa, checked Alyssa’s homework, fetched cups of water for Olivia when she was awake and washed out her bucket more times than I want to count.

We knew she wasn’t going to school on Thursday and as much as I wanted to stay home with her, there were a few things at work that had to be done so I called my mom and asked if O could go there for a few hours until I could come get her and take her home for the afternoon. Normally, Tom would just stay with her but he had somethings to do outside the house that couldn’t be changed either.

Olivia was thrilled to spend the morning at Gram’s with the promise that I’d be there by noon to take her home.

We were both happy to get home where we both napped for a few hours and then the puke-fest resumed.

More blankets, pajamas, sheets and towels were washed and buckets were rinsed.

But, good news, we’re both on the mend.

Times like this make me realize how lucky we are to ‘only’ be dealing with these random illnesses. My sympathies go out to those who deal with chronic illness. I can only imagine the stress involved in situations like that.


Julie said...

Oh man, I hope you are both feeling better!! I hate the sickies!

robin said...

Oh that sounds terrible! To be sick and caring for someone sicker is just the worst :( Glad you are feeling better now..