Monday, March 30, 2015

Off to the Movies

Olivia and I went to see Cinderella yesterday at the theater. We’d planned to go the week before with Ayssa and my mom and a couple of my aunts but O and I were down for the count with whatever sickness descended upon our house and so we sent a healthy Alyssa off with Gram and spent the day on the couch/recliner.

But we’re all better now and so we headed off to the movie. Olivia was so excited to have a date with Mom.

Alyssa was scandalized that I was letting Olivia go out in public in pajamas. And worst of all? The pajamas O was wearing didn’t even match. She wore a pair of minion pants with a Sponge Bob shirt.

I’m kind of relaxed about that sort of thing.

First of all, she’s eight. Who cares? Second, I counted no fewer than ten people in that theater wearing sweats. What are sweats but pajamas people consider a bit more acceptable in public? She was comfortable, which is important when you’re eight with the attention span of a typical five year old and are being asked to sit in a dark theater with twenty or so strangers (and your mom, of course) for a couple of hours.

I asked Alyssa why she even cared since she wasn’t going with us. She shrugged. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

For what it’s worth, I did brush O’s hair, so there’s that.

And why didn’t her pajamas match? I’m glad you asked. They didn’t match because laundry is a bit of a mess these days after my weekend of being sick. Everything is washed but nothing is put away. We have at least three baskets full of clean laundry sitting in the basement waiting to be folded and put away. I did actually put away a few loads through the week last week but none of her pajamas have made it to her drawer with their match. Weird.

So we made do. And hey, on the positive side, the minion pants and Sponge Bob shirt were both yellow.

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Julie said...

Why didn't A want to see Cinderella?