Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Olivia loves the weekend. I mean, duh, right? Who doesn’t love weekends?

Every morning during the work (school?) week, she asks what day it is. I always answer her with a question of my own, “What day do you think it is?”

She always tells me the actual day of the week, because, again, duh, she knows her days of the week. Then she’ll do a quick count in her head and exclaim, “Only two (three, one, you get it) more days until Friday!”

Then I ask, “And what comes after Friday?”

“Saturday,” she shouts happily because we all LOVE Saturdays, the day we go to the library, to lunch and to buy groceries. We sometimes get wild and crazy and insert a stop at Kohl’s or the Pickle Factory in there between lunch and the grocery store. We’re unstoppable in the fun department.

Sundays are our day to stay home, the girls stay in their jammies and we all just sort of settle in. I finish up the week’s laundry; Olivia takes a bath at some point. Some weeks I’ll bake some cookies or get ambitious and make potato soup or chili.

Last Sunday I was doing something on the computer and Olivia came up beside me to lean against me. She sighed and muttered, “Why do the weekends go by so fast?”

Oh sweet baby, I thought. You have no idea.

Instead of saying that I hugged her and said, “They really do go too fast, don’t they?”

She nodded and then cheered up when Alyssa came in to the room and offered to wrestle.

Yes, these years (especially the weekends) are flying by but I’m doing everything I can to savor each and every day I get to enjoy these amazing girls while they are still my very own.

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Julie said...

I love the weekends too!