Thursday, July 9, 2015

First Swim of the Season

So yes, this summer has been a cold(ish) rainy one. There had been very little swimming in our lives until the weekend of the Fourth of July, which, as posted earlier this week, was spent in Battle Creek, Michigan with my mom, my grandma and several of my mom’s siblings. My aunt is lucky enough to live on a lake and so, because there was no way on this beautiful earth that we were keeping Olivia out of that water, we took swimsuits, bug spray and sun screen and let the girls have at it.

The water was cold, by the way. I did not take a suit as I knew it would be cold and besides the temperature, I’m not a big fan of swimming in lakes. Pools? Awesome, I’m so there. Lakes? They’re mucky and dirty and fishy and yuck.

But the girls love it.

My aunt’s house is a quick walk to the public access beach which two docks, a raft and a lovely playground. It also has a few benches for weary moms (and dads if they happen to take their kids swimming, it does happen you know) to sit and relax while their children run, jump, swim, climb and run again, over and over and over.

Now that they’ve braved the cold of a Michigan lake in July, there is no keeping the girls out of our local community pool or the local lakes. They’re already clamoring to go swimming again.

Good thing we’re heading to Cedar Point and the glorious, filthy Lake Eerie next week. There will be swimming galore.

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