Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Know how I know that Olivia enjoyed the movie Inside Out? She only had to pee twice during the movie. I know!! She had to go the bathroom six times during Cinderella. SIX!!!

So two times during a movie is definitely proof that she actually enjoyed the movie.

And since the movie, she’s watched more Youtube videos of kids doing their makeup like the characters in the movie than I care to count.

She’s especially enamored with Disgust. We found a plush Disgust doll at Walmart last week and O’s slept with it all week. That doll goes everywhere with Olivia. She’s decided she’s going to be Disgust for Halloween this year. It should be a fairly easy costume actually. We already have green eyeliner and mascara, my mom is a whiz with a sewing machine and I can get green hairspray.

This morning O asked told me to go to Walmart and get her the Disgust doll that talks. She said that while the doll she already has is great for sleeping, it’s not as much fun to play with as one that talks would be. Ha. Hahahaha. She’s so funny to think that she issues the orders.

Alas, I did actually get the talking doll today but only because it was the LAST one on the shelf. I’m not going to actually give it to her until some other day when a present is in order. Girlfriend needs to learn that I don’t always jump when she issues an order.

Orders kind of disgust me actually.

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