Monday, July 27, 2015

Her Mini-Me

Alyssa hurt her foot last Friday before I got home from work. She twisted it as she was going down the stairs in our garage. It’s bruised and was swollen most of the weekend. She iced it and used a spare crutch we’ve had around the house for years, using bacon duct tape to attach a wash cloth to protect her armpit.

Yeah, so she’s limping and probably kind of milking it, because, who wouldn’t, right?

Olivia, on the other hand, is in excellent health and as such, is feeling a little neglected as Mom and Dad go about getting things for Alyssa, asking her how she’s feeling, helping her up, etc.

So Olivia started limping on Saturday. Of course, she first asked Alyssa which foot she’d hurt (the right) so that Olivia could ‘hurt’ the same one.

Of course this irritated Alyssa, as she asserted, “Make her stop that! I’m the one who is actually in pain.”

I tried not to laugh because, well, honestly how was it making Alyssa’s ‘actual’ pain more intense when her sister limped around the house?

What pained Alyssa the most was that she had to stay home with Tom on Saturday, the day we (this week, ‘we’ was Olivia and me) go to the library, lunch and the grocery store. Alyssa couldn’t be expected to limp/crutch her way through The Walmarts, so she was stationed on the recliner with the remote, her tablet and a book. Poor kid.

Honestly, though, her foot does look like it much hurt like a bitch. But each day the limp has lessened and the swelling has come down and soon the bruise will start to yellow and all will be well.

As Tom said, “At least it happened during the summer rather than while school was in session.”

Because, yeah, she’d be crutching it to school if she had to. I’ll give it to her, A’s not one to miss school if she can help it. She may have been switched at birth.

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Julie said...

Poor kid. Sprains are supposed to hurt worse than breaks.