Friday, July 10, 2015

Preparing to Pack for Vacation

I had to wake the girls up this morning so I could drop them off at my mom’s on my way to work.

Why is it on the days when they don’t have to go anywhere, these two wake up at 6 and on the days when I need them up so we can leave by 7:15, I have to go WAKE them up at 7. Why? Weirdos.

Anyway, after I went in and made some noise in their room, turned off a fan and finally said aloud to the sleeping lumps, “Anyone who wants to go to Gram’s needs to get up now or spend the day lamenting with Daddy.”

Olivia bounced out of bed and scampered down the hall to my bathroom where she found a shirt I’d laid out for her to put on for the trip to Gram’s because, yes, I may let you sleep in just your pajama pants because ‘it’s soooo hot because I’ve been running around the house like a maniac before bed’ but you must wear a shirt in the car on the trip to Gram’s. It’s just the rule.

She told me she was glad I’d picked that shirt because it says Cedar Point on it and we’re going to Cedar Point in just a few days and can we please take that shirt for her to wear to sleep while we’re at the hotel at Cedar Point?

Yes, Olivia wakes up with energy and enthusiasm to spare. She starts talking before her eyes are open, as if we’re mid conversation. It’s weird and cute and sometimes annoying because I’m not like that in the morning. I kind of need about an hour to myself just to wake up fully and get all the fuzz out of my brain.

But since at that point I HAD been awake for an hour, I could reply with equal enthusiasm, “Sure, we’ll pack that on Monday for you to wear while we’re at Cedar Point. We’ll wash it this weekend and pack it up in your very own suitcase.”

She then started in on all the things she wanted to be sure I packed. She wanted to take a couple of Barbies, some Pringles, her tablet and don’t forget the charger and maybe a pair of shoes.

I told her to remember those things, especially the shoes, because she was going to get to ‘help’ me pack her bag and it was up to her to remember all that she wants to take. (Never fear, I will ensure that there are shoes in the bag AND on her feet when we leave for Cedar Point on Tuesday.)

This girl. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Her zest for life and her energy are boundless. I am so lucky to get to be on this journey with her.

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