Friday, July 24, 2015


This is a public service announcement to all those kindergarteners out there who are wondering why the hell they need to master using scissors. (Because there are so many kindergarteners out there reading mommy blogs, right?) I mean, why scissors? Why do little tiny hands have to figure out how to use scissors and cut a straight line?

When will we ever use this skill in real life?

Well, I’m here to testify that in real life, at a place called WORK, where they pay you to show up and do stuff, you just might have to cut with scissors. How do I know this? Because this week, all freaking week long, I’ve had to cut strips of paper. The paper cutter wouldn’t get close enough or straight enough for me to use it consistently so scissors it was.

I cut and cut and cut some more, using those fine motor skills I mastered way back in kindergarten.

So keep up the practice, kids. It just might be necessary for your job. Even if you do have a college degree, which, as it happens, I do have. And yet I’ve spend almost 40 hours this past week cutting…with scissors.

Now, algebra? I’m not so sure where that is ever going to be needed in real life.

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Julie said...

Did you have left-handed scissors?