Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Backward and Upside Down

“Why do you put your belt on like that?” Alyssa asked me this morning as I was, uh, putting on my belt.

I looked at her, then down at my belt and tried to figure out how else one could put on a belt if not through the loops on one’s pants, one loop at a time.

I finished putting said belt through the loops and gave her a quizzical look.

She flapped her hands a bit and said, “You know, like that? With the thingy going toward your right instead of your left?”

Ahhh, okay. I get it. She wondered why I started my belt on my right side going around my body from right to left instead of left to right.

Tom stepped into the conversation and Alyssa asked him how he put on his belt, and OF COURSE, he told her he did it the same way she does.

Duh. They’re both right-handed, so yes, they do it the same way.

Being a leftie means I’m at odds with the world most of the time, including in my own house.

I went from a home where I was in the majority (Mother, Brother and I are all left-handed, youngest Brother was in the minority as the only righty) to a home where I’m very much the minority since my husband and BOTH of my daughters are right-handed.

Alas, I muddle through somehow and then we get to have these wonderful, insightful conversations at 6:30 in the morning.


Julie said...

Not to pile on, but I watched Riley put on a belt this morning and my lefty puts her belt on like a righty. HAHA

Tommie said...

Ha!! I think that might be because she's being raised by two right-handed parents. :-) I was raised (predominately) by a left-handed mother who was also raised by a left-handed mother, so...who the heck knows?