Thursday, June 18, 2015

Graduation Season and Summer Busyness

I do believe that graduation season is finally over. I hope so anyway.

Of course, now that it’s over, we get to celebrate Father’s Day, then my brother’s birthday, then my step-son, D’s birthday, then the Fourth of July and then Tom’s birthday and then the annual Ordinary family reunion and THEN…the girls and I will be kidnapping my mother and going to Cedar Point for a few days just to escape everything.

Last weekend we went to two graduation parties in two days. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like much to over achievers like, say, Julie and her family, who have been known to hit up like twenty seven dance marathons in as many hours but for us, it was a big deal.

But Sunday evening we were all tired and partied out. As we drove home from the party that celebrated three high school graduates (a first cousin, a second cousin once removed (that would make her A’s and O’s second cousin, and a niece) I promised the girls that we’d hit up a park the next weekend, a weekend when we had no plans.

Except wait, see that list up there? This weekend is father’s day. But I’m betting Tom would be more than happy to see us all off to the park for a couple of hours. I’m not sure what he does when we’re gone but he never seems to mind when we leave. Ha. Quite honestly, I’m jealous of him and all his time at home alone. I never, EVER get time at home alone. It just doesn’t happen that way in the Ordinary household.

Not only are they both longing to get outside and play at one of the many local parks, there are so many movies that Alyssa and I (and sure, okay, Olivia too) want to see. We could probably spend an entire day at a Cineplex and be perfectly happy. Sure, Olivia probably wouldn’t be as happy as Alyssa and I would but, well, two out of three isn’t bad, right? If I agreed to take her to the restroom every ten minutes she’d be thrilled to spend a day at the movies. Alas, that defeats the purpose of even going to the movies which, you know, is to actually WATCH the movies but we’ll figure it out. Maybe Alyssa and I will go see Jurassic World and leave Liv with her dad and then take her with us to see Inside Out another day.

So much to do and the summer already feels like it’s drifting away like so much dandelion fluff on a warm breeze.

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Julie said...

Twenty SEVEN? Nah!