Monday, June 8, 2015

The Radio

Tom, the girls and I went to Huntington yesterday for G’s (Tom’s granddaughter) birthday party. She is SIX!! So much fun. It was a “Fancy” Party, which means all the invitees were encouraged to wear their fanciest, dressiest dresses and there were hats to decorate and leis to wear. The cupcakes were high-heeled shoes. It was cute.

Tom drove us all in my car because, well, my car is the best car we own. It’s true.

So there we were, driving along, the radio playing kind of as background noise. But then a song that I don’t like came on (I don’t remember which, there are a lot of songs playing these days that I don’t like.) and I changed the radio station.

We listened to the new station through a few songs and then the same song from before came on (I just remember that it was Sugar by Maroon 5. While I don’t mind some of their songs, that one just grates on my nerves. Why yes, I am getting old, why do you ask?)

I changed the station again. This time Tom got a little huffy. He rolled his eyes and muttered something. I asked him what was wrong. He told me he wasn’t used to someone who just randomly changed the station every third song.

I declared that I wouldn’t touch the stupid radio again.

He suggested that if I hate every song being played that I just turn it off.

I turned off the radio.

Alyssa piped up that it didn’t bother her when I changed the station because she was used to it because I do hate a lot of songs.

She wasn’t helping the situation.

Both Tom and I pouted for several miles in the silence. Olivia finally couldn’t take the quiet created by the radio being off and starting singing her own songs to us. I think she was making up words to the tune of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood (another song I really, REALLY hate…see a pattern here?)

On the way home, Tom and I were over the little radio spat and I was dozing anyway so he turned the radio back on. At this point, I was still stubbornly refusing to touch it, you know, out of spite and because for being so old I’m really not all that mature.

We were probably still a half hour from home when Tom asked Alyssa if she liked the current song playing. She answered, “I don’t know. Do we like this song Mom?”


Even in my semi-dozing state, I laughed.

Tom laughed too and said, “Now you see what I meant earlier?”

I nodded and then told Alyssa, “You know you’re allowed to have your own opinion, right?”

She said, “Yes, but sometimes I don’t know if I like something until you tell me whether or not you like it.”

Ha. Okay. But I then pointed out to her that she likes Bad Blood even though I don’t and sometimes I even let it play on the radio.

Tom raised an eyebrow at that and wisely decided not to comment.

I guess maybe I really should learn to keep my hands off the radio. Except…there really are some crappy songs playing these days so I’m not sure how well I’ll manage to do that even if I were to resolve to do so. We’ll see.

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Julie said...

Perhaps you should invest in an IPOD that you could fill with music you like, then you plug it into your car radio and play away. :)

Note to self, edit IPhone music list before driving Tommie anywhere. HAHA :)

Also, I change the station when certain commercials come on and songs that I don't know the lyrics.