Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Girl and Her Braces

So yes, Alyssa got her braces on yesterday. Wait, she actually got braces on her top four front teeth. The rest…do not have braces. But she’s adorable with those four all braced up.

I’m actually glad we’re doing this now, when so many of her friends and classmates have braces. She feels like she fits right in. As we were driving home yesterday, she kept looking at herself in the mirror and saying, “I actually look kind of cute with braces.”

Gotta love a girl with confidence, right?

And you know what? She really does look cute. I think the braces actually make her look closer to her actual age of twelve going on thirteen instead of sixteen going on twenty-seven.

She amuses me so with her obsession for oral hygiene and her fascination with everything orthodontia related.

She came to me after breakfast this morning and gloated, “I had ice cream for breakfast. I told Dad my teeth hurt and he let me have ice cream.”

Then her face changed to a grimace and she added, “But he did make me drink a glass of milk.”

I laughed, “Doesn’t he realize that ice cream is basically frozen milk?”

“I know!” she smiled, showing all four braces. “I tried to tell him that but he didn’t go for it.”

To add adventure to braces, she got the braces yesterday, and today is picture day for her school. Just kind of figures, huh? But that really doesn’t seem to bother her. She’s all for posterity and recording these events as they happen.

Ahh, the fun of being a child of the technological/information age. Too bad they haven’t figure out a virtual way to fix deep, crossed bites yet other than good old fashioned metal braces that get glued to ones teeth during adolescence.
(Or, you know, when a person is 27, whatever.)

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