Thursday, October 1, 2015

No, Seriously!

I feel like my job as the parent of an almost-teenage girl is complete as of a couple of weeks ago.

We were heading into our small-town grocery store because we while we didn’t need a bunch of groceries, we did need a few specialty items and I’m willing to pay the outrageous prices charged at the locally owned store and save myself twelve miles (one way!) of travel.

So we’d parked and I helped O out of the backseat of the car. Lyss was at the front of the car waiting for us and for some reason I quoted a Monty Python bit. You know the one about the newt? Yeah, that one.

As I got to the “Well, I got better…” part, Lyssie hissed, “Mom, seriously!”

Which, hahahahaha. Oh yes, I’ve so wanted to hear that from at least one of my daughters. It was glorious.

See, the grocery store is in the same town as the girls’ school and A knew that there was the very real possibility seeing someone she knows, someone she might actually not want to hear her mother being ridiculous.

I laughed through the entire store as we picked up bacon bits and Dr Pepper and a gumball for Liv.

My work here is almost complete. Now, in just a few years I just have to manage to elicit a similar reaction from Livie and we can all retire to a lovely condo in Florida.

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