Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Always Changing

One of the best things I heard at the 5p- conference we attended back in July is that our kids continue to learn and grow and mature no matter how old they are.

One of the speakers mentioned that his daughter is 23 and she was speaking better at this year’s conference than she did the year before and infinitely better than she had at the one the year before that.

I see this with Olivia. I see her growing and learning and maturing.

Of course, I also hear her arguing and resisting change and trying to wheedle her dad into giving her what she wants.

But the arguing, the debating, the wheedling, those are signs of growth too. She wants to be independent but she also likes to have us take care of her. She wants the privileges of being almost nine but also wants the babying that comes from still being just eight.

For the record, last night’s math homework was done in about eight minutes. It was painless for both me and Liv. And no, it wasn’t painless for me because Tom helped her. I helped her and if every night was like last night, I’d be happy to help her every single night.

Alas…we’re undergoing growth and the ensuing pain that accompanies it.

There’s change happening everywhere and I’m glad to say that most of it is being embraced. We’ll see where this next chapter takes us.

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