Monday, October 5, 2015

Twelve Years

We have a twelve year old girl in our home and as of Sunday, October 4th, Tom and I have a twelve year old marriage.


My mom took the girls for a bit over the weekend so Tom and I could have some time to celebrate our anniversary.

As we sat around our empty house debating what to do with ourselves, we mused that it’s very nice that we still like each other after all these years. And it is. I like that we still make each other laugh. I like that I still think he’s a good kisser. I like that we both want to be good to each other and to take care of each other.

We found ourselves laughing over how nice and quiet the house was since Liv was at her Gram’s house. Livie, oh that girl; she keeps us on her toes. She’s got so much to say and wants to make sure she says it to everyone.

We mused at how lucky we are that she can tell us everything that’s on her mind but also how nice it was to have a couple of hours of not actually hearing her thoughts.

I won’t say that twelve years ago I married my best friend because, yeah, that’s not really what happened. I got lucky in that I married someone that I still like twelve years after we said vows to love each other forever but best friends? Nah. I reserve that for my girlfriends and yes, even my mom.

He’s someone I want to make laugh, someone I like coming home to everyday. He’s fun and sweet and yes, even infuriating at times. He’s human, just like I am, we have our good days and our bad days. We’ve weathered tough years and I’m grateful that we’re currently sailing through a pretty good one.

I’m glad to have him by my side as we parent these two amazing girls, as we grow older every single day.

Here’s to the next twelve years.

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