Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Always Amazing Me

I know I’m supposed to think that my kids are amazing but this past week has shown me once again how sweet, how thoughtful, how simply amazing my girls are.

The loss of Orville was very hard for Alyssa. She still gets quiet and sad throughout the days and nights. But the same night we had to tell her about his death, she came down from her own grief for a minute to say, “I would have hated to have to be the one to tell me.”

Her ability to come out of own sadness for even a moment and acknowledge that her dad and I had a hard task was heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time. Her maturity in the midst of sadness is beautiful.

Olivia’s empathy as her sister sobbed was incredibly sweet. Let me remind you that Olivia is not a fan of animals and yet she cried over Orville because she was sad for her sister. She knew how heartbroken her sister was and it broke her own heart to witness that sadness.

While I’d give almost anything to go back and change last Thursday, to wait a half hour before letting Orville out of the barn or hold him tight until it was time to go to school and work, I can also acknowledge that losing him has given us all a moment to hold tight to each other.

We had a very gentle weekend, a time when we were all just together, just present. WE were all a bit more soft spoken, a little less likely to snap at each other. We understood that we were all a little shell-shocked and we remembered to make kindness a choice.

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