Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Alyssa and Her Gram

There is something about the bond between a grandmother and her first grandchild. Alyssa is that first grandchild to my mom and their bond is so strong.

My mom wasn’t working outside the home when my maternity leave was up after Alyssa was born so she volunteered to take care of Alyssa for me. She took care of her for the first seven months of Alyssa’s life.

After my mom went back to work, Alyssa and I started staying at her house at least one night a week just to give us a break from our horrendous commute.

Those things really solidified the bond between Lyss and her Gram.

Alyssa is not afraid to ask my mom or step-dad, who is just Pawp to her, for anything. They are just an extension of her family, people she knows want the very best for her.

I am so grateful that she has them.

Of course my mom adores Olivia (and Jaxon) too. But that first child? That Alyssa is a special one to her Gram.

As the mother of the first born grandchild, I can’t tell you how lucky I feel that my daughter and my mother have such an amazing bond. Their relationship continues to grow year after year. Alyssa spends the night with my mom a lot more than the other kids.

There is the fact that at ten years old, she’s perfectly capable of getting herself fed, clothed, is able to use the bathroom with no help whatsoever, can shower on her own, etc. so that is some of the reason but I know the biggest reason is that they just enjoy each other’s company.

I’m just glad that they sometimes let me tag along on their adventures.

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Anonymous said...

You are very lucky to have such a great mother who loves your children so deeply. :)