Monday, June 24, 2013


Because of a graduation party for the sons of two of my cousins, the girls and I didn’t get to do our usual Saturday routine of library, lunch and grocery shopping.

So we hit the grocery store yesterday.

But before we even left, I offered the girls the choice of staying home with Tom and having me come back after buying groceries, picking them up and taking them to my mom’s to swim later in the afternoon.

Alyssa said she was staying home. Olivia echoed her sister.

I didn’t quite do a happy dance but in my head I did a backflip because I planned to hit the local Kohl’s and buy a bra to wear with my bridesmaid dress in my brother’s wedding, which is less than three weeks away now.

About ten seconds after deciding to stay home, Alyssa declared she’d changed her mind. She was coming with me.

Once Olivia heard Alyssa’s change of plans, she, too, wanted to come.

Sigh. Oh well. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d gone shopping for bras with an audience. It probably won’t be the last either.

But, joy of joys, Kohl’s was having a buy one get one half off sale on bras. Wheeee! Life is good over here these days.

As I picked out the ones I wanted to try, Olivia paced between the mannequins, marveling at the fact that they didn’t have heads or arms or legs but they did have bosoms. She loves the bosoms on those mannequins. Alyssa was constantly hissing at Olivia not to molest the mannequins and I was telling Alyssa to leave her sister alone, she wasn’t actually hurting anyone or anything. It’s not like the mannequins can feel violated or anything.

So after picking a few to try, off we went to the dressing rooms. We were lucky that the one at the end, the big room, was available.

At that point, the best part of my day happened. As I tried on the items I’d brought with me, I found another added bonus to my latest weight loss. Get this…I no longer wear a bra that is sized in the 40s! I know, right? I am now in the 30s and I can’t even stand it.

Yes, yes is a post about my bra size. Please forgive me but I can’t help it.

In the end, I bought four new undergarments. And all of them are sized to fit my current shape and they’re lovely. We only had to go into the dressing rooms three times to find the ones I liked the best.

After that, we headed to the grocery store and then to Gram’s to swim. That was definitely the highlight of the girls’ day. Mom’s bras? They don’t hold nearly as much fascination as a pool of cool water on a seriously hot day.

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