Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So I took Alyssa to see Man of Steel last weekend.

We really enjoyed the movie and only had to pee twice between the beginning and the end.

During the previews, the two guys behind us got pretty rowdy when a preview for the next in The Hobbit movies was shown. I mean, they were whooping and clapping over this preview.

As we were leaving, I noticed that one of the guys had worn a T-shirt with the Superman emblem on the front. We now know, from this latest movie, that that is the symbol for hope on Krypton.

I mentioned the dude’s shirt to Alyssa when we got to the car. (Note: I waited because I didn’t want the poor guy to hear us talking. One of my neighbors from my freshman year of college would be so proud of my restraint.)

I told her I’d considered suggesting she wear her purple T-shirt that has the Superman emblem but decided not to because while yes, we are nerdy dorks, we’re not quite that dorky.

She laughed and said that she appreciated the fact that I restrained my dorkiness. That girl…she just gets me.

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