Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Toy Room

We have a room in our house that is designated “The Toy Room.” Yes, that’s right. There is a room where we store toys. It’s the smallest bedroom in the house. It has lavender walls and two closets, both of which are filled with toys.

I hate this room. I hate how disorganized it is. I hate that you have to push against the door to even get it open because there are toys strewn everywhere.

Each time I go in there with Olivia to go through the ‘dress up’ bin, I want to cry because of how much clutter is in that room.

It’s awful. It’s as if a toy store threw up in that room. It also feels like it’s a symptom of some serious gluttony in our lives. I know that gluttony usually refers to food but this room just shows how much we have in excess of what we need.

The girls’ favorite toys do not ever go in that room. They both have things they use/play with every single day and those things are either in their bedroom or downstairs, where they have instant access.

I need to go in to the room, take every single thing out if and purge over ninety percent of what is currently in there. We need to throw crap away, donate less crappy stuff, pick the few favorites that have made their way in there and revamp the entire room.

I need to make it livable, usable and less excessive. I would like it to become a play room rather than The Toy Room. I want it to be a place where they can go and find whatever they’re looking for without having to toss things about while searching through piles. I want to make our lives simpler, starting with The Toy Room.

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Julie said...

Good luck with that!! I bet it could be awesome. Our computer room is the same way.