Tuesday, July 23, 2013

But What Did You Do On the Oher Four Days You Didn't Work?

Ahh yes. I was out of work for four days, which equals six days of vacation if you count the two weekend days that followed Tuesday through Friday.

Thursday, well, I napped because, duh, I was tired. We got home at 9pm the night before and the girls were wired. We managed to get the dirty laundry where it belonged.

But before my nap, we had to hit the grocery store and Menards for some paint. See, I wanted to get the closets in the toy room painted before I moved all the toys back in there.

And…I did it. It took me a couple of hours on Friday and another couple on Sunday but those closets are navied and pinked. They’re awesome. I love them. Tom, on the other hand, hates them. But I knew he would and that’s why I didn’t ask his opinion when I was picking out paint. Yes, I told him that too. He would have gone with bright white. Boring!

On Saturday, though, we had company. Or, as Olivia called her, “Our Guest” visited. It was actually Tom’s oldest daughter. She was in the area and so came over for a few hours. The girls loved having her there.

She and Tom and Lyssie played basketball for over an hour. Olivia showed off her somersaulting skills. We ended up at the pool where we all swam and cooled off.

Here is a picture of Olivia at the end of the day, after “Our Guest” had left. Olivia wanted to dress like her big sister, with a dress over a swim suit. I am quite fond of this picture, actually.

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