Monday, July 29, 2013

Her Laugh

It really is the best medicine. Laughing eases tension, it lowers the blood pressure. It lightens the mood.

Olivia laughs a lot.

Alyssa told me the other day, “Livie has the best laugh of anyone else in this house.”

I agree. When Olivia laughs none of us can keep from smiling. We usually end up laughing right along with her, even if we don’t know what was so funny in the first place.

She finds the whole world endlessly amusing. This amazes me. This child, the one who, as an infant, cried for six months unless she was eating or sleeping, laughs at everything now. This is the child who was probably the cleanest baby in the entire state of Indiana during her first few months because baths were the only thing that soothed her. There is no exaggeration when I say that I probably gave her two, sometimes threes baths a day, pumping beside the bathtub while she wallowed in warm water, her tummy soothes for just a few minutes of peace for all of us.

And now? She makes us laugh with her own laughter. She tells stories about her imaginary friend, Mush Mush, a friend who was eleven yesterday and thirteen this morning and had her own car this afternoon.

She loves movies and music, she dances and sings and colors and imagines whole new worlds. She copies her sister to the point of irritation and then laughs hysterically when her sister loses her mind.

This girl…she makes our lives so complete, this baby I worried over so. Her laughter fills our house, it compels us to join her in joy. Joy just to be alive.

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