Monday, July 15, 2013

Dancing Queen

As mentioned, my brother got married last weekend. It was a lovely wedding. Alyssa played the Bridal Chorus beautifully, Olivia dropped petals perfectly and my feet were killing me by the end of the fifteen minute ceremony.

But the reception…ah, the reception.

That is where Olivia chose to shine. This girl, she loves to dance. She’s got some hip action on her that doesn’t stop. She wanted to dance to every single song played.

I wish everyone dances like an uninhibited six year old. It’s a beautiful sight. She just feels the music, it moves through her and she interprets it. The joy, the freedom she shows is just awesome.

And yes, she managed to get me out there more often than I necessarily wanted to dance but if you can say no to a six year old asking you to dance, you have a harder heart than I do.

We danced to Lady Gaga, we danced to country singers I know nothing about. We danced to the Chicken Song and we danced to Katy Perry. The DJ was good, he had a pretty big variety.

We jumped, we spun, we ran in place and we raised the roof.

Dancing with Olivia is freeing. I know that people are way more likely to be watching her dance it out than they are to be watching me. I’m okay with that because I’m way more self-conscious than she is. She dances because she can’t not dance. I dance because she wants me to.

Quite honestly, I’m not sure if either of those reasons is necessarily better or worse than the other. At least, in the end, we were dancing. There’s something be said for that.

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Where are the pictures?