Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pajama Summer

Alyssa loves her jammies. She has always loved the comfort of pajamas, the ease of movement provided by a lovely pair of pajamas.

This summer, she’s spent way more time in her jammies than she has in regular clothes.

She had to get dressed on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend because we actually left the house both of those days. She wasn’t thrilled with the necessity of putting on clothing that is acceptable in public but she did it without much fuss.

But Sunday evening, as she put on a clean pair of pajamas she sighed and said, “I’m not taking these off until next Saturday.”

I laughed. Of course she’ll take them off, even if they’re just replaced by a new pair of pajamas but I understood what she meant.

The girls spend Mondays and Tuesdays each week at home with Tom and then go to my mom’s on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They both wear their pajamas to my mom’s each morning and change (or not, as is usually the case) into clothes I take over for them.

Olivia has discovered the joy of wearing just pajama pants. She’s decided that even pajama shirts are too much to ask a child whose summer vacation is rapidly dwindling.

I’m glad they both get to run around all day in their pajamas (or even just half their jams.) It’s the fun of being young, being able to declare, “We’re having a pajama summer.” These awesome, free summers won’t last forever and I want them to make the most of them while they’re able.

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