Friday, March 7, 2014


This morning I asked my mom to DVR the TBS show The Little Couple. See, I don’t have cable (because we’re too cheap and can find plenty to watch on regular old free television) and I saw the commercial for this show. I almost cried during the commercial. Go ahead, laugh. Tom and Alyssa did. Whatever.

My mom already DVRs another show for me, on I go over and watch each weekend. What show, you ask? Oh, just The Walking Dead.


Can those two shows be more different from each other? Probably not.

And let me say right here and I’m so excited that today is Friday because it means that tonight a new episode of Hannibal is going to be airing. I’ll watch that after the girls are asleep, after we’ve watched a few episodes of The Brady Bunch.

Again with going from one extreme to the other, huh?

What can I say? I like my wholesome shows as much as the gruesome ones. I’m a well-rounded member of the television viewing audience.

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