Thursday, March 27, 2014


I am one of approximately 10% of the population who is left-handed. Of those ten percent, I’m one who does everything with my left hand, as opposed to those who just write and eat with their left hand but do everything else right-handed.

Oh no, when I say everything, I mean everything. I bowl left-handed, I putt (I’ve only ever play mini golf but I promise that if I were to ever actually attempt to golf I’d do it left-handed), I bat and I even use a bow and arrow left-handed.

I’ve been known to call my right hand my ‘stupid’ hand. It’s just there as support for Leftie.

I do, however, use my right hand to manipulate the computer mouse (that is not a euphemism.)

In fact, I realized that other day that being left-handed has its advantages when working at a computer. My boss, who happens to be right-handed, is my backup for one of the jobs that I do daily. When I’m not here, he performs that duty. And it typically takes him a little longer than it takes me.

As I sat that other day, doing that very job, it occurred to me that being able to write with my left hand while clicking away with the mouse using my right hand makes my job easier and faster.

A right-handed person has to stop what they’re doing with the mouse, pick up a pen, write something down and then go back to the mouse. As a leftie, I never have to put the pen down, I can keep clicking away with my right hand while writing with my left.

My right hand is no longer just a support to the left. It is finally holding its own.

Ha! Perhaps it’s becoming a left-handed world. After years of cutting paper with scissors designed for the right hand and hurting my left thumb while doing it, this fills me with just a little bit of glee.

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