Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Middle of Noon

Reason #457 to hate daylight savings time:

Last night I was trying to convince Olivia that it was time to put on her pajamas, have her bedtime snack of cherry pie and ice cream and let me read to her so she could settled down and go to sleep soon.

She looked out the front window and asked, “Why are we getting ready for bed at the middle of noon?”

I glanced outside with her and saw that it was definitely still daylight out there and laughed. “It’s not the middle of noon. It’s actually 7:40. I know the sun is still shining but it’s definitely almost bedtime.”

She looked skeptical but accepted her pie and ice cream with relative grace. After the pie and ice cream were consumed and hands were washed, I read our nightly books to her.

Finally, I got up and closed the curtains, shutting out all that ‘middle of noon’ sunlight that was distracting Olivia from the fact that she was quite tired after a full day at school.

Ten minutes later? Girlfriend was sound asleep even though the light trying to creep past the curtains assured her it was still only about noon-thirty.

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