Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How Do You Make This?

Olivia asks this question almost every day. She’s usually asking about whatever it is she might be eating at the time. She wants to know how the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is made, then she wants to know how the chicken noodle soup is made.

I usually give her a pretty scaled down version of what went into making something but sometimes, I’ll go into detail and she loves that.

I love that she’s interested in what goes into preparing a meal. I hope this leads to her one day wanting to do the preparation herself. It could mean that I’m done being the family cook and at that point, all my dreams will have come true.

Alyssa loves to help make dinner. She’s very interested in cooking after having watched the Master Chef kids edition. She was amazed that some of those kids were younger than she was and cooks intricate, fancy meals.

These days she can make macaroni and cheese (the Kraft version, nothing homemade. Then again, I don’t bother with homemade mac & cheese. I don’t think she even realizes there is any other kind of macaroni and cheese other than Kraft…ahem, end of tangent…) and other sides that involve bringing a milk/water mixture to a boil, pouring in the noodles and spices, setting the timer and then stirring every so often.

She can also warm up soup and make popcorn in the microwave. The independence gained from these seemingly small tasks is amazing.

One of these days, my kids will be able to feed themselves with no input from me at all. Whatever will I do with all that extra time?

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