Friday, March 28, 2014

Hair Today

Alyssa loves movies/television as much as I do. I’m oddly proud and dismayed all at the same time by how much I’ve influenced this child and her leisure activities.

She especially likes to watch movies and get ideas on how to do her hair.

The first time we dyed her hair blue was because she loved the look on the mermaid played by Sara Paxton in the movie Aquamarine.

The summer after that, she wanted me to dye her hair dark brown so it would look more like Katniss’s hair from Hunger Games. She loved having me braid it from one side to the other, just like Katniss wears hers in movie.

Last fall after I got about eight inches cut off my hair, Alyssa wanted her hair cut. I put it off for several weeks because I wanted her to be sure. She insisted she was. So we went for it and got her hair cut to just below her shoulders.

She loved it…at first.

This morning, though, she declared, “I blame you for my hair not being long anymore.”


First of all, it’s grown out quite a bit since that cut back in September. Second, I made her wait to be sure SHE wanted her hair cut.

But whatever. I can take the blame. It’s what moms do, right?

But what had her in such a snit about her hair not being long like it once was?

She’d requested that I braid her hair like Elsa’s from Frozen. Alas, even several inches longer than it was back when she first got it cut, her hair is not as long as Elsa’s. I was still able to do a pretty close approximation to the Elsa braid but it doesn’t drape over her shoulder the way Elsa’s does.

But then, the Katniss braid no longer drapes the way Jennifer Lawrence's does either. But we make do.

We arrived at my mom’s this morning with A and O sporting the E and A braids from Frozen, the favorite movie of most girls these days. They were both pretty proud of their hair this morning.

I wish I'd thought to take pictures of the results. Alas, I'm not nearly as good at this picture/blogging thing as I'd like.

I was just glad we’d managed to brush their hair this morning. We weren’t quite that productive yesterday, or the day before or…you get my drift.

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