Friday, March 4, 2016

Family Fun Night

Alyssa is spending the night with a friend tonight so Olivia and I are going to the school and spending an hour or so with the rest of the community for some Family Fun.

The school puts on this little carnival-esque thing every year. We attended the year Alyssa was in second grade, our first year at this school and it was…okay. I mean, the games were cute and the kids got some trinkets but there was no reason to make it an annual thing we just had to do.

But Olivia’s older and more aware of her peers these days. And she said her classmates are excited about Family Fun Night and so, that means she’s excited. So away we go.

Olivia wants to be more social. She wants so badly to be like Alyssa and have friends over and maybe, someday, spend the night at friends’ houses.

She’s self-aware enough to know she’s not ready for the spending the night at other’s houses but she thinks she ready for a day with several friends at our house.

Huh…I guess we’ll see. This morning I told her that maybe during spring break, she could invite a few friends to our house for the afternoon.

I want her to have friends. It’s one of the things I’ve longed for for her for so long. So…I guess I’ll do the work it takes to help her along her way in this world of social relationships.

Let me just say that it’s not easy for an introvert to do this. But for my girl I’ll do whatever it takes.

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Julie said...

Oh, I remember those nights in elementary school. You're building memories, momma!