Friday, March 11, 2016


Olivia had a dentist appointment yesterday.

Over the years, we’ve tried several dentists, starting with a pediatric dentist near where we used to live. Alyssa informed me that the staff at this particular dentist was awful, they yelled at her and Olivia and it was traumatic for both of them.

When we moved five years ago, I asked my dentist (which is a mile from where I work) if he’d take the girls on as patients. They said they were okay with doing cleanings on the girls (they even let me go back with the girls during cleanings!!) but if Olivia (okay, WHEN) needed work done on her teeth, this dentist, Dr. I preferred to send her to a pediatric dentist because he, Dr. I, wasn’t experienced in working on kids with special needs.

So after her first cleaning with Dr. I, Olivia needed a crown and a filling. We were given a referral to two different pediatric dentists, one of which was the one we’d seen years before whom Alyssa reported was mean.

That was a no for me. I called the other dentist for a consultation. Not only did we not have experience with this one being mean, their office was also closer to our new home, so win/win, right?

When we arrived for our first meeting with Dr. O he surprised me by asking how 5p- affected Olivia. This dentist had researched her syndrome before ever even meeting my girl. He was the first medical professional EVER to do this. I was so impressed that I vowed to never change dentists again. Well, until they tell me that Miss O is too old to be their patient, which, well, then maybe Dr. I will be willing/able to work on/with her.

So we did the dentist dance for a couple of years. I’d make appointments for both girls with Dr. I for cleanings. After Liv’s cleaning, I’d have to call Dr. O, schedule a consult because she ALWAYS needed work after a cleaning. After the consult, we’d make another appointment for the actual work.

See, 5p- makes it difficult for Liv’s body to correctly use the water/fluids she takes in. Hence the constipation and the plaque on her teeth that leads to decay and discoloration. We brush and we rinse and we push the water and it helps but…she will always have 5p- syndrome and so she will always fight this battle.

Last year I realized how insane it was for us to see Dr. I for cleanings when we still had to see Dr. O for a consult before he would do the work prescribed by Dr. I. So we decided to start doing cleanings at Dr. O’s office. We figured we’d take the first step out of the equation and save a few dollars since we had to see Dr. O twice anyway.

Yesterday was Liv’s first cleaning by Dr. O’s staff. It went surprisingly well and fast.

When they called me back to talk to Dr. O about Liv’s teeth, I was surprised to hears that we didn’t have to go back for work. There were no cavities, her crowns are still sitting tightly on her teeth, the fillings are still set and all is well. We don’t have to go back for six months!


Oh, yes and like Lyss, Liv seems to be delayed in losing her baby teeth. At nine, she’s lost eight teeth total, four on the top and four on the bottom. And right now, she has no loose teeth. I mentioned that Lyss had to have seven baby teeth removed to prepare her for her orthodontic work.

Dr. O nodded and said it was very obviously a family trait and Liv might need the same plan of care. But, he said, we’ll wait another couple of years before consulting with the orthodontist on any of that.

Right now we’re going to continue to be diligent in our oral hygiene and keep up the good work.

Yeah, we’re pretty proud of ourselves and our clean, healthy teeth over here in the Ordinary household. We know how to take the little things and make them a big freaking deal.

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