Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's Scheduled

We met with the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) yesterday to discuss Olivia’s near constant state of strep throat.

Armed with records from last August until most recent, we counted eight cases of strep in a nine month period. Yikes!

He recommended that those tonsils come out. I, obviously, agreed with this assessment, which is why we were at that office at all. She needs to get to a point where strep isn’t our first thought the instant she gets the sniffles.

After Alyssa’s experience with a tonsillectomy, I admit that I’m a little nervous. It took Alyssa a good eight days to even start to bounce back after surgery. She was in a lot of pain that first week, refusing both food and drink for several days.

I hope we can avoid that with Olivia. I know we’ll be okay, though. She’ll get through it, she’ll get well and hopefully, third grade will have much fewer sick days than second grade had.

Surgery isn’t for about six week, so yay, I get to obsess and worry between now and June 22. That ought to be great fun.

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Julie said...

Yuck! That's a long to obsess! But it does seem like O is a lot less "picky" about food and drink than A. So maybe that will help? Big hugs! I know this is hard on your heart even though you know it's for the best.