Monday, May 9, 2016

Why We Got Her a Piccolo

Alyssa’s new piccolo arrived in the mail last Friday. She named him Tiberius.

Yes, she’s very much my child.

She found the piccolo on Amazon for 80% off its original price, which brought the prices down to $80 once you added in shipping and handling.

Not bad for a student-quality musical instrument.

But wait, why did we get her a piccolo? Well…she’s had a really good year at school. She’s worked really hard and been a generally good kid. And who doesn’t want to own their own piccolo?

Alyssa has been dropping hints about the piccolo for months. She did all kinds of searches on brands and types that were best for beginners. She talked to me, to my mom, to Tom about how much different the piccolo is from the flute.

All the while, she’s practiced her flute every single day, done her homework, gone to track practice and meets, picked up her laundry (when reminded), gotten excellent grades on tests and homework. Yeah, she’s kind of been one of those kids you see in the movies who must have an ulterior motive for being so generally well-behaved.

I mean, sure, she’s gotten snippy with her dad a few times, been growly with her sister and even rolled her eyes at me here and there but she’s thirteen...when we call her on those behaviors, she apologizes and goes about her day.

So my mom and I talked and we decided we’d go in together and get the piccolo.

Oh my goodness…the practicing that has commenced this past weekend. We finally had to send her out onto the back deck to practice for the cat. That thing can be shrill, is what I’m saying.

But she’s already got a pretty good grasp of it.

She’s searched YouTube videos of piccolo players, she’s searched for sheet music for the piccolo. She’s practiced the piccolo using her flute music.

Our house is alive with the sound of the piccolo. And it's as 'delightful' as you might imagine.

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