Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stepping Up

With me being so sick the last few days, Tom had to really step it up around the house.

Wait, let me preface this by saying that he’s pretty awesome most of the time. The breakfast and lunch dishes are always done when I get home each day from work, he gathers the garbage I take to my mom’s on Tuesdays, he helps with the girls’ meals, etc.

But this past weekend, he did pretty much everything. He gathered the laundry, washed and dried it all.

I did fold it and put away when I had the energy but he did the bulk of the work.

He got Alyssa behind the vacuum cleaner (miracle!) and he swept and mopped the kitchen floor, which, honestly, was filthy. Ick!

He fed the girls all their meals all weekend long because I just didn’t have it in me to even think of what to cook, let alone get up and cook it.

I know this is what partners do but I feel incredibly lucky to have one who actually DOES this stuff.

There was a moment over the weekend when I was on the couch and Olivia was at the other end, sharing my blanket. Alyssa was practicing her flute and Tom suggested to her that she leave the room.

I gently told him, “You know, if I wanted to truly rest, I could go upstairs. I am the one laying here in the living room where they should be allowed to play and practice. I’m okay with them doing their thing. Really.”

He seemed to appreciate my comment. I think he wanted so desperately to make sure I was getting the rest I needed that he was going overboard on making sure things were quiet. But I just wanted to lay there among my family, enjoying their presence. I didn’t need to sleep, I just needed to rest and hearing Olivia play and Alyssa practice didn’t disturb my rest one little bit. And having Tom sitting beside the couch in the recliner watching Law and Order didn’t disturb it either.

The best part might have been when Olivia commented a little while later, “Hey, the whole family is in this room.”

That’s right. The whole family was there, together, doing their thing. We’re lucky like that.

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Swistle said...

YES. When I'm sick, sometimes I want to be sick in the middle of things---and then no one has to be quiet. I have thought that if someday I am very elderly and sort of half-in and half-out, I would want to be in the middle of things, taking in what I can. It's pleasant and soothing.