Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Retaining My Mellow

There are moments when I’m at work (and yes, sometimes at home) when I feel the stress of the day, when the buzzer rings one too many times and I’m hungry and just want to cry or scream.

Those times have not happened this week.

This week, I’m on prednisone for my horrendous cold from last week and this stuff is like bottled mellow.

In fact, on Monday, I was doing the more frustrating part of my job when I realized that, hey, I wasn’t frustrated at all. I was calm and all, “Hey dude, it’s no biggie. All the work will get done and if it doesn’t, well, no one will die.”

(Please note that I do not work in a medical field of any sort or do anything at all that has to do with actual people, so truly, no one will die if my work doesn’t get done on any given day…I’m thinking I’m lucky.)

I was totally channeling Doc from Z Nation, is what I’m saying.

And at that point, I thought, “Man, I wish I could bottle this feeling.”

And it hit me! They have bottled it. It’s called prednisone and I’m over here riding the wave of mellow that comes out of that bottle.

I can see why people get addicted to this kind of thing. It’s kind of nice to just not really care. Nothing seems important enough to get all stressed over. Things are happening all around me and I’m okay with it all, just here in my little bubble, cushioned by the prednisone coursing through my system.

I have two days left of this prescription and then it’s back to my own, natural coping skills. I need to try and remember this sense of well-being, of not really being bothered by what’s happening around me, if only to continue to get through the days at work.

Of course, that’s all easier said than done, especially when lunch time has come and gone and I’m still working away, getting very hangry and channeling the Incredible Hulk with every single new item on the list of things to be done…

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