Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The End of Track Season

Alyssa’s last track meet was last Thursday night.

While it was fun to watch her compete (and WIN!) we’re all glad the season is over. Alyssa’s ready for her legs to not hurt and I’m ready to not stand outside in the cold wind for hours at a time twice a week.

So this week we’re easing back into what used to be our normal schedule.

I no longer have to go to work a half hour early several days a week to make up for the time I had to leave early for the track meets. Tom no longer has to plan his afternoons around picking Lyss up from track practice.

We don’t have to figure out how to eat dinner after 8pm because we don’t have to be out at meets until that time anymore.

Sure, she’s going to run again next year, but we have a good ten months before it all goes to hell again.

Ahem, okay so that was harsh. But let me tell you, that last track meet was hellish. It took for- freaking-ever to start, took forever to end and all in between, we were freezing and miserable.

When it was over though, on our way to McD’s for a celebratory dinner for Lyss, she declared that when she got to school the next day, she was going to tell her friend S that she shouldn’t have quit track right before the first meet because that day (the day after the last meet) would have been THE BEST DAY EVER because track was OVER.

My mom and I laughed and enjoyed Lyss’s joy over having accomplished getting to the end of track season.

She’s already planning which friends she’s going to recruit into track next year. She’s got her roster all set up and knows exactly how to rope each friend into doing it with her. I love that she did this all without the pull of close friends and that she’s going to be that close friend for others to join up and run along side her.

Heck, she’s evening planning on how to make her sister into the next long-distance runner for the junior high track team in five years.

It might not have been all fun and games for any of us, but now that we’re through it, I’m so glad she did it and I think she is too.

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Julie said...

I so wish that Riley would join a team at school...